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Touring & Tasting's Summer/Fall 2013 Marketing Program

It all starts with a story – your story. The story of your wine: the people who transform the grapes, the label on the bottle, the faces who cheerfully greet patrons at the tasting room. 

There is power in your story and it is the foundation of your brand. A visitor may sample your wine once, but it is the relationship with your brand that brings them back and creates a customer for life. Making that personal connection through the telling of your story, by putting real people and faces behind your brand, and by authentic personal service and attention are the most highly effective ways to build and retain customer loyalty. Simply put, your unique message delivered to the right audience will bring the customers you want.


1. Completing Your Touring & Tasting Microsite:

Everything starts with the creation of a rich media microsite showcasing your business with complete content produced by Touring & Tasting including calendar of events, videos, facilities, recipes, Google map links, Concierge Service and more.


Please look over your personally built microsite to ensure you are using it at the highest level possible:

- Have you submitted your event information?
- Have you submittted and selected your top three videos to be featured?
- Have you submitted all of your facility information?
- Have you submitted recipes that you would like to be showcased?

If you have answered "no" to any of these questions, please contact [email protected] to complete your microsite today!


2. Website Promotion

We're proud of our partnership with your brand and so should you! Promote your feature in Touring & Tasting by placing a custom graphic on your website to let your visitors know your story and inclusion in our one of a kind publication and website!

We've taken all of the hard work out. Simply pick which graphic you would like to use, copy the correct code below, and paste onto your website. That's it!

Now, you will have the Touring & Tasting endorcement directly on your website!

<div align="center"><a href="" title="Touring and Tasting"><img src="/assets/client/Image/touring-tasting-sf13.png" alt="Touring and Tasting" style="border:none;" /></a></div>
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Touring and Tasting"><img src="/assets/client/Image/touring-tasting-sf13-cover.png" alt="Touring and Tasting" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Still have questions, need a custom graphic, or want to link directly to your featured microsite? Contact [email protected] or your website administrator for help. 


3. Social Media Promotion

One of the most powerful tools you can use to promote your brand is through social media, and to promote it often! You're fans and follwers are interested in what you're doing, so tell them!


Touring & Tasting supports and extends your social media efforts through frequent Facebook, TwitterPinterest, and Google + postings. In addition, we provide fans and followers with tips on your wine country destination, unique wines, wine pairing recipes and not-to-miss tasting events. Make sure to like, follow, pin and +1 with Touring & Tasting, so you can be part of the conversation!