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Plan Your Trip: Napa Valley

Heading to the Napa Valley soon? Lucky you. Whether this visit will be your first or twenty-first, it’s smart to do some homework before you go. Here are Touring & Tasting’s recommendations when visiting the Napa Valley.


Dedicated to producing a great wine and hospitality experience, Bruce and Chelsea Ahnfeldt created Ahnfeldt wines, McLelland-Priest Bed & Breakfast Inn and Uncorked at Oxbow to give local Napa natives and visitors alike an opportunity to experience the wine, hospitality and viticultural education of the Napa Valley.

Artesa Vineyards & Winery
Beautiful hilltop construction, one of a kind art installations and award winning wines from winemaker Mark Beringer make Artesa Vineyards & Winer one of the premiere and most unique wineries in the entire Napa Valley.

Bennett Lane Winery
Mixing relaxation with great wine, Bennett Lane Winery has quickly become on of Napa Valley’s top tier wineries for their consistently well produced and beautifully tasting Cabernet Sauvignon vintages.

Beringer Vineyards
The oldest operating winery in the Napa Valley, the beauty of Beringer Vineyards is not only in the historic Rhine House, but also in the extraordinarily well-made red and white wine vintages. The history, beauty and dedication to great wine make Beringer Vineyards a premiere Napa Valley winery.

Etude Wines
Driven by perfection, Etude Wines is dedicated to producing the best grapes, through the most environmentally friendly vineyard practices, resulting in some of the best Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon vintages the Napa Valley has to offer.

With a deep dedication to wine making and wine education, Franciscan has been carefully teaching Napa Valley natives and visitors for 40 years about the intricate winemaking process. With delicious and award winning vintages, as well as fun and educational wine seminars and events, Franciscan is the perfect destination for new and experienced wine lovers.

Flora Springs the Room
Built within the Rancho Caymus Inn, Flora Springs the Room provides Napa Valley guests an ideal place to sample some of the wine region’s best wines.

The Heritage Wine Trail
Join The Heritage Wine Trail on a full-day excursion as they journey through Napa Valley from Carneros-to-Calistoga. Enjoy tours & tastings along the way at Acacia Vineyard, Beaulieu Vineyard, Provenance Vineyards, Sterling Vineyards, as well as an authentic Napa Valley picnic lunch.

Keenan Winery
Sitting atop a mountain road in the Mayacamas Mountain Range, Keenan Winery is a sight to behold.  150 acres of mountain top vineyards produce extraordinarily flavorful wines, resulting in excellent Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay vintages.

Markham Vineyards
Representing the storied heritage of the Napa Valley wine region, Markham Vineyards has earned critical acclaim for their excellently produced wine, as well as their contribution to the Napa wine community.

Materra, Cunat Family Vineyards
Having only been in business for a short 5 years, Mattera, Cunat Family Vineyards has developed a serious reputation for excellently produced California wines. Their award winning Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon make this small, 50-acre winery one to watch in the coming years.

Hard work and passion have transformed Peju into one of Napa Valley’s best wineries and Wine & Sprit’s Magazine’s Top Artisan Winery. Well known for it’s wine, as well as the stunning architecture of the winery itself, Peju is a must stop for any wine lover in Napa Valley.

Robert Mondavi Winery
The first major winery built after Prohibition in 1966, Robert Mondavi aimed to create a winery that replicated the grace, beauty, food and art of the Napa Valley. Since its creation, hundreds of thousands have visited the historic winery, celebrating the beautiful wines of this esteemed Napa Valley winery.

Signorello Estate
Located on a hillside just off the Silverado Trail, the Signorello Estate offers stunning views of Southern Napa Valley. One of the only wineries with a full kitchen and executive chef, Signorello is dedicated to producing the ultimate wine and food experience in the Napa Valley.

St. Clement Winery
Long term relationships with some of the best winegrowers in the Napa Valley, St. Clement Winery has established itself as a staple winery in the Napa wine region. With a charming and quaint Victorian style tasting room, St. Clement Winery offers visitors excellently produced wines as well as delightfully new wine tasting experiences.

Stags’ Leap Winery
Located on the intimate east side of the Napa Valley, Stag’s Leap Winery amazes guests with the natural beauty, elegance and history of the 240 acre estate. Deeply engrained with the history of the Napa Valley wine region, Stags’ Leap Winery is a must visit for any wine buff.

Summit Lake Vineyards
Perched 2,000 feet above the valley floor, Summit Lake Vineyards offers staggering views and a world-class wine experience that can only be found in the Napa Valley wine region.

Terra Valentine
Nestled in the mountains above St. Helena, CA, Terra Valentine is a winery that is defined by it’s mountain grapes. The climate, topography and soil of the mountain terrain all come together in unison to create the award winning Cabernet Sauvignon of Terra Valentine.

Trinchero Napa Valley
With winemaking that dates back to 1948, Trinchero has become one of the most acclaimed wineries in the Napa Valley. Dedicated to producing great family wines, Trinchero and their newly renovated farmhouse are must see and must taste stops for any wine lover.

Twenty Rows
Bringing a taste of the vineyards to downtown Napa, Twenty Rows has quickly established itself as one of the premiere tasting rooms in the downtown Napa area.

V. Sattui Winery & Italian Market
Described by visitors as a “small Italian village”, V. Sattui Winery has become one of the premiere American wineries as well as Napa Valley’s favorite place to picnic. For wine lovers looking to enjoy excellently made wines while soaking in the sun, V. Sattui Winery & Italian Market is a must see. 



Luxurious, serene and undeniably sleek, Bardessono offers Napa Valley guests 62 world-class suites built to blend in perfectly with the natural landscape of the Napa Valley wine region. A top of the line restaurant and spa make this the perfect wine country getaway.

Napa River Inn
Found within the historic Napa River Mill, the Napa River Inn offers the most unique hotel experience in the entire Napa Valley.  Seconds away from downtown Napa, tasting rooms and restaurants, the Napa River Inn is a must see for any Napa Valley traveler.

Napa Valley Lodge
Surrounded by the vineyards that make the Napa Valley a premiere wine destination throughout the world, the Napa Valley Lodge is defined by its quaint Tuscan style architecture and proximity to Yountville, the culinary capital of the Napa Valley.

Rancho Caymus Inn
Located in the heart of the historic Rutherford Bench wine country, Rancho Caymus Inn is an elegant and intimate 26 suite inn that is perfect for any wine lovers retreat.



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