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August 7, 2012 | MIscellaneous Wine Fun! , Wine & Food Pairings | Aaron Mendoza

Old Spanish Days 2012 with Touring & Tasting Staff

De la guerra plaza signIt is hard to write about Santa Barbara’s Old Spanish Days without describing a sprawling citywide fiesta. From traditional Spanish rodeo at the Earl Warren Showgrounds, to the bustling Mercado in De La Guerra Plaza, Santa Barbara’s Spanish heritage is in full display. At Touring & Tasting we like a party as much as the next person and for one weekend a year, we get to enjoy and experience truly authentic Spanish culture; Santa Barbara style.

Old Spanish Days, commonly known throughout the city as “fiesta”, is a weekend long celebration of Santa Barbara’s storied cultural heritage. Beginning in 1924, the celebration celebrates Santa Barbara’s Spanish heritage with food, dancing, music and song. Visitors and locals fill the streets, tasting the food, wine and beer of the region in true Spanish style. While food and drink are surely delicious ways to celebrate Santa Barbara’s Spanish culture, music, dancing and games become a huge part of the weekend long celebration. “Folklorico” dancing, mariachis and the devilish cascarones (confetti filled eggs) are just a few ways locals and visitors celebrate the playful side of Spanish culture. 

We at Touring & Tasting have found our own ways to celebrate Old Spanish Days. From authentic Spanish style barbecues, to food tasting at the De La Guerra Plaza Mercado; fiesta fever is in full swing! Yet, no Touring & Tasting party would be complete without a little wine tasting, and in the spirit of Old Spanish Days, we tasted some delicious, and rather fun Spanish wines during our fiesta flavored barbecue. With the whole weekend left to celebrate fiesta, who knows what other fun and exciting adventures the Touring & Tasting crew will have. But there is one thing we know for sure; Old Spanish Days is our favorite time of the year. Sure, there is delicious food wine and beer on display, and yes, there is fun music and dancing involved, but Old Spanish Days gives us a time to celebrate our beautiful city’s culture with family and friends, and isn’t that what’s most important? So if you are celebrating Old Spanish Days with us in Santa Barbara, or even if you aren’t, make a fiesta out of this weekend with some friends and family. Open a couple bottles of wine and celebrate! Let’s make every weekend a proper fiesta.

DAY 1: De La Guerra Plaza for Lunch


DAY 2: Fiesta! At the Office

DAY 3: Our Lady Guadalupe for Lunch

Enchilada Line

Cara and Adam at Fiesta


Joe Padilla's Gravatar
Joe Padilla
@ Aug 10, 2012 at 12:20 PM
Awesome article Mr. Aaron Mendoza. It makes me want to go to Santa Barbara and especially for Old Spanish Days.

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