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July 24, 2012 | Wine & Food Pairings | Tama Takahashi

Food and Wine Pairings For Summer Dining

Palmina winery spicy shrimpPerhaps you just purchased the elegant Rodney Strong Rockaway Cabernet Sauvignon or put a sparkling Carneros Cuvée from Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards on ice and wondered what delectable treat would pair with the wine. Or, you may want to serve bruschetta this weekend and would like a memorable recipe and wine pairing suggestion. Turn to Touring & Tasting's  website!  Our nascent recipe section already has 132 wine pairing recipes with dozens more waiting to be posted, and hundreds of more to come in the months ahead. We're looking to build a comprehensive resource for all who love to pair wine and food.

We have recipes from winemakers and chefs from wineries and accommodations around the country. I've tested all the recipes and they are all delicious. Here are a few that i highly recommend:

wine pairing recipe sectionIf you have not browsed our recipes, please take a look! When you click "Recipes" in the top navigation bar of the Touring & Tasting website, a drop-down menu shows the categories--each recipe is now in one category only. If you would like to find a recipe that pairs with a certain wine varietal--say Syrah--simply enter "Recipe to pair with Syrah" in our search field to view your choices. (You will see recipe titles mixed in with some other references, like blog posts.)

Please let a comment on your favorite recipes. If you have any suggestions, please email me at onlinegrapevine@touringandtasting.com.


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