Tama Takahashi
January 26, 2012 | Wine & Food Pairings | Tama Takahashi

Yummy Recipes For Yummy Wines

Wild Mushroom BisqueI have a huge cache of recipes to upload and have started getting them organized and online. I'm really excited about the recipes coming in from our featured wineries and accommodations--I want to try them all.

I love Chanterelle mushrooms--and pesto crostinis sound delish. The Cellar360 Wild Mushroom Bisque and Pesto Crostini is on my must-try list as well as a couple of recipes I'm prepping to upload today--Grand Marnier Prawns from the Willow Lodge and Gary's Paella made with the highly-rated Eberle Cab.

Keep checking our wine pairing recipe section for frequent new additions!


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