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Your Perfect Oregon Wine Country Wedding

So you decided to tie the knot with that special someone, congratulations! But, now comes the hard part. Where to have the wedding? Do you have a traditional wedding in a church, with a reception nearby? Or do you go all out and plan an amazing destination wedding? Why not have both? Why not have a traditional wedding in an amazing destination! With beautiful outdoor landscapes, private locations and amazing hospitality, there is no better place for a wedding than Oregon wine country. The elegance and charm of wine country makes for the perfect wedding destination! And we haven’t even mentioned the abundance of amazingly delicious Oregon wine! So, if you are thinking about a wine country wedding (and you should be) look no further than this short list of our favorite Oregon wine country destinations!

Black Walnut Inn & Vineyard

Photo Courtesy of Black Walnut Inn

Reminiscent of a European Villa, the Black Walnut Inn & Vineyard is the ideal place for a luxurious wine country wedding. Nestled among the hills of the Willamette Valley and surrounded by vineyards, the Black Walnut Inn & Vineyard offers guests wine country luxury, privacy and elegance! With the winery seated upon the top of a small hill, outdoor wedding ceremonies are given amazing views of the green vineyards below. There is even a beautiful bed and breakfast on site, so there is no need to travel far for the honeymoon! For those who simply cannot wait to plan a wedding, Black Walnut Inn offers romantic elopements in the garden, tower deck and fountain courtyard.There is nothing quite as special as a wedding in wine country and Black Walnut Inn & Vineyard is the perfect spot for your special day.

Duck Pond Cellars

In the springtime, there are few places more beautiful than the vineyards surrounding Duck Pond Cellars. With a small pond on the winery grounds, and carefully maintained garden areas, Duck Pond Cellars is an outdoor wedding enthusiast’s dream. Bright sunshine and green vineyards compliment any and all wine country weddings. With an indoor event space for receptions there is no shortage of space for your dream wedding. Plus, we haven’t even mentioned how good the Duck Pond wines are, which can be served for all of your lucky guests at the wedding. Now that is a good way to treat your friends and family!

Duck Pond Cellars Winery Grounds

Dundee Manor B&B

Outdoor gazebos, 4.5 acres of manicured lawn and splendid views of Mount Hood and Mount Jefferson invite guests to enjoy a relaxing outdoor wedding. With a helpful staff and a small area for an intimate dining experience, the Dundee Manor Bed & Breakfast provides everything a bride and groom could possibly need for their special day. When the wedding is over, the bride and groom are welcomed into the elegant, Victorian styled home, where the true wine country experience begins. World class breakfasts, wine tastings and relaxation in the sunny Oregon outdoors await all visitors to the Dundee Manor Bed & Breakfast. The charm, elegance and beauty of the Manor and its staff make this an ideal wedding destination for any couple.

Photo Courtesy of Dundee Manor

Melrose Vineyard

Lucky couples that have their wedding at Melrose Vineyards get to enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of Southern Oregon wine country. With views of the vineyards at their back, couples can exchange vows on the vineyard lawn and enjoy the day with their friends and family. The rustic tasting room and large lawn area create the perfect environment for an intimate, relaxing and fun wine country wedding! Custom catering menus, delicious Melrose wines and dining under the warm Oregon sun provide guests with a one of a kind Oregon wine country experience. 

Photo Courtesy of Melrose Vineyard

Silvan Ridge Winery

Located just outside of Eugene, Silvan Ridge Winery is the perfect wine country wedding getaway. A spacious indoor dining room provides guests with privacy in a comfortable and luxurious indoor setting, but dining outdoors is where the true experience lies. Set atop a small hill, the outdoor dining area overlooks the beautiful landscapes of Oregon wine country. The patio area is a great spot for guests to sit, relax and enjoy a glass of wine before the bride and groom make their way to the reception. Make Silvan Ridge Winery your ultimate wedding destination for fun, family and yes, lots of wine. 

Photo Courtesy of Silvan Ridge Winery

With so many beautiful places to see and taste wine, there is no shortage of amazing wedding destinations in Oregon wine country. Spend your special day, with your special someone, in one of the most special places on Earth. A wedding in wine country is something you will never forget!


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