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May 29, 2012 | MIscellaneous Wine Fun! , Wine Country Travel, Wine Specials | Tama Takahashi

Wine In A Farmer's Market Atmosphere

vegetablesFarmer's Markets are wonderful. I love the look and smell of fresh flowers, vegetables and fruits artfully arranged--but I also love the festive atmosphere. People are happy to be out shopping for tasty and healthy food; everyone's relaxed and in a good mood; it's fun to run into people you know and to people watch. It's like a town square, a community gathering.

bottlesFour times a year, Touring & Tasting clears the warehouse for new wine shipments and we have a warehouse wine sale. I work the first couple of hours, then shop myself, stocking up on deeply discounted wine. I think of the warehouse wine sale as a kind of wine market, like a farmer's market--a place to run into friends and acquaintances, find tasty wines and chow down on the Burger Bus treats--like fried pickle chips, sweet potato fries and falafel.

Our warehouse wine sales have a rhythm: the first hour, open to "friends and family", is hectic (sign up here for our free weekly eNewsletter the Online Grapevine which offers an invitation to the early admission) when avid shopper who want the best selection arrive, the second hour is busy but more relaxed with a more chatty group of shoppers, the rest of the afternoon is the best time for plenty of personal attention from our wine advisors.

I'll be stocking up on sparkling wine for summer parties, Pinot Noir to pair with my favorite fish: salmon, and anything Italian. See you there!

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012
Noon-1 pm "friends and family"; 1-5 general admission. Look in this Thursday's Online Grapevine for a discount coupon!

Touring & Tasting Warehouse: 125 Quarantina, Santa Barbara


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