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February 28, 2013 | MIscellaneous Wine Fun! | Lisa Walker

Understanding the #Hashtag

In today's culture where people check their Facebook before they brush their teeth in the morning, one would have to be living in cave in Antartica to have missed seeing the infamous #hashtag. From Twitter to Instagram and even Facebook (where the hashtag actually has no real function), that curious little number sign is popping up everywhere. I thought we'd have a little Instagram fun in order to explain the hashtag to any of you who might have missed the boat.

On social media sites Twitter and Instagram the hashtag allows you to tag subjects that viewers of your post can click on in order to see other posts or images related to that same subject (as they too had a hashtag of the same subject). Below you will see what I found when I searched the hashtag #wine on Instagram.

There's the "Wine Art" photos...

the "Wine Lifestyle" photos...

and my personal favorite, "Wine Humor"...

It's as simple as that. Just hashtag any social media post you want included in a specific category. As I said earlier, Facebook doesn't currently offer this tool on their site. The people that use hashtags there are simply trying to emphasize a feeling or statement. For example, "I cannot wait for the work day to be over! #needwinenow". And sometimes you'll see extra long hash tags, from people who, in my opinion, just #havealittletoomuchtimeontheirhands.

Check out our Twitter page and see where our hashtags send you.

#cheers !


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