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March 13, 2012 | MIscellaneous Wine Fun! , Touring & Tasting Wine Club | Tama Takahashi

Some Notes on California Wine

The wine industry in California creates $55 billion in revenue every year and is #1 nationwide, producing almost 92% of domestic wine. California is 770 miles long and its latitude of 32° 30' N to 42° N is squarely in the ideal range of 30° to 51° N for grape vineyards. Our Golden State encompasses most of the best wine appellations in the country (yes, there are top-notch regions in other states, but we outnumber them significantly) and our terrain and climates are so varied that we boast an extraordinary range of wine flavor profiles. Small, family-owned wineries are at the heart of our wine business and the Family Winemakers of California association represents over 550 of them.

wine tastingThis morning, several of us from Touring & Tasting are driving to Pasadena for a trade-only wine tasting they are holding at the Convention Center. Over 90% of the members produce less than 10,000 wines annually and a majority of these produce less than 5,000 cases. Today will be an opportunity to taste many wines that often cannot be found in a store or restaurant. Touring & Tasting will surely be bringing some of these gems to our wine clubs--another great reason to try one of our wine clubs if you have not been a member in the past. Not only do you have our 100% guarantee that each wine is delicious or we replace it free, with numerous other benefits (read here), but it is an easy and affordable way to taste hand-crafted wines that you won't find elsewhere.

Check back for a blog post on what we tasted today. Also, mark your calendar for the Family Winemakers tasting in San Francisco in September--it's open to the public! Use the special Touring & Tasting code "ttwine12" for 15% off on the tickets.


Erik Wait's Gravatar
Erik Wait
@ May 10, 2012 at 1:32 PM
While tasting wines at trade shows and other similar events (ZAPP! for example) can be fun, I prefer to taste wines at the source, out in the wine country where I can often experience the land from which it comes and meet the people who make it. AND there is no place on earth more beautiful than the wine country!

Erik Wait California Wine tasting Adventures

Buzz Vieau's Gravatar
Buzz Vieau
@ Feb 25, 2013 at 5:21 AM
Being a Wine Tasting Tour chauffeur I believe we have smaller venues like the one in the article. The wine auction is a different kind of Show. We escort lost of people to all the Festivals like the Mustard, Harvest Festivals. Have a good wine tasting day

The best to everyone

Buzz Vieau

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