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February 25, 2013 | MIscellaneous Wine Fun! , Wine Country Travel | Aaron Mendoza

Exploring Downtown Napa

Bustling streets, quiet shops and delicious eateries are essential features of any great downtown. The people and places that make up a city's downtown define the culture of that city. So, it is no surprise that the Napa Valley, California's wine capital, has a downtown experience like no other. World class culinary experiences, top notch entertainment, wine bars and tasting rooms as far as the eye can see, make Downtown Napa an experience for wine lovers, food lovers, music lovers and just about any other kind of lover.

Downtown Napa

But, like any doe-eyed newcomer to the Downtown Napa Scene, the overwhelming amount of wine bars, restaurants and entertainment spots can be nauseating. Sure, it's easy to take out your smart phone, pull up Yelp and just go to the most highly rated restaurant, but where's the fun in that? Your visit to Downtown Napa should be an adventure, but at the very least, let us give you a compass. 

Must Taste & Stay

State of the art, luxurious and filled to the brim with amazing wine, 1313 Main is a must visit for any wine lover. Now in its third year of operation, 1313 Main welcomes Napa locals and visitors to experience a wide variety of rare, local and international wines. With over 6,000 square feet of bar and lounge space, 1313 Main offers a vast array of intimate and communal wine tasting experiences. The main philosophy behind the creation of 1313 Main, was to take care of and provide the best possible wine tasting experience for Napa Valley locals, visitors and guests. With an inviting food menu and wine as far as the eye can see, 1313 Main is the perfect place for any  Napa visitor to relax and experience the charm and luxury of Downtown Napa. 

1313 Main

Street View of 1313 Main

After you've had a glass or two of wine at 1313 Main, it's now time to mix it up a little and visit another wine bar. Carpe Diem Wine Bar is an elegant and fun stop for any visitor to the Downtown Napa wine scene. Enticing appetizers, entrees and over 45 wines by the glass guarantee a fun time, or at the very least, some very wine-happy travelers! Weary, tired and filled to the brim with wine, your night in Downtown Napa is slowly coming to an end. Luxury, comfort and the charm of Downtown Napa await all visitors of the sophisticated Andaz Napa boutique hotel. Excellent, food, drink and gorgeous guestrooms make any stay at Andaz Napa an unforgettable one.

Must See: 

Art has always been a great indicator of community. Launched in 2010, the Napa ARTWalk is a constantly rotating, outdoor sculpture exhibition that is often created and developed by members of the Napa community. What better way to experience the beauty and culture of Downtown Napa then by walking the streets and taking in the art? With an interactive brochure that can be downloaded and printed out, visitors to the Napa ARTWalk can scan special QR Codes on the map and view information about any sculpture's artist, their website and even a special audio tour that can accompany the tour. Educational and cultural, the Napa ARTWalk is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the culture and community of the Napa Valley.

Must Taste Restaurant:

Lovers of Iron Chef unite! Downtown Napa's premiere sushi restaurant, Morimoto, is helmed by none other than Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. Known for his experimental and unsurpassed culinary talent, Chef Morimoto welcomes guests to his restaurant with sushi experiences you cannot find anywhere else. The allure of sitting down to a meal prepared by Chef Morimoto himself is an experience in itself, yet one look at the menu and you know you will have a culinary experience only Downtown Napa could provide.   















Downtown Napa is an experience in itself. If you find yourself touring and tasting in the Napa Valley, do yourself a favor and spend some time eating, tasting and appreciating the culture of Napa's downtown area. Adventure, community and most importantly wine await!



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