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February 14, 2012 | Touring & Tasting Magazine, Wine Country Travel | Katie Tullsen

Recent February Visit to Central and Southern Oregon-Guest Blogger-Dan Fox, Touring & Tasting's managing partner

I just had the pleasure of personally touring the emerging wine region of Southern Oregon. What an absolutely spectacular part of the United States and the winery folks there were all friendly, kind and gracious. As an aside, the wine I tasted along the way was outstanding as well!!

I guess these are the big reasons this area is emerging as a “must see” place to visit. I just wish my wife had been able to accompany me on this one. I want to give special thanks to Terri and Jim Delfino at Delfino Vineyards and B&B. I had heard good things about their wines and accommodations, and had spoken with Terri in recent years, but it was a true pleasure to stay with them and meet them in person. A big thumbs up on all levels.

Some other significant highlights from this trip include a very memorable lunch with Stephen Reustle and his team at Reustle Prayer Rock Vineyards (great story about how he came up with the name) in their truly spectacular wine caves. A wonderful lunch with Kim Kinderman and her winemaker Brian Denner at Agate Ridge Vineyard. Both Kim and Brian were exceedingly friendly; the winery is “must” –especially during the late Spring, Summer and Fall when their concert series is in full swing. Also, Kim’s two year old cat and dog of the same age will absolutely be youtube sensations when they videotape them in action! Absolutely hilarious.

An enjoyable and interesting afternoon conversation with Rob Folin, a rising winemaker star and owner of the gorgeous, new Folin Cellars. A great sit down tasting and conversation with The Ellises at their fun new tasting room (excellent wines too) at Pebblestone Cellars. A fantastic tour and lunch at King Estate with Quentin Ransone (and a brief conversation with Ed King III himself!) at the truly remarkable King Estate Winery. A fun, cozy and very interesting late afternoon tasting of great wines and a tour with the very kind and knowledgeable Linda Kistner and her sister at the landmark Abacela Winery in Roseburg. Not to mention exceptional tours and discussions with exceedingly nice and legendary wine makers/owners Wayne Parker at Melrose Vineyards and Scott Henry (and his great “jack of all trades” right hand man Dan Whitman) at Henry Estate. Many other wonderful things about my whirlwind trip to Southern Oregon winery but there will be more to be written and seen about this area in the Summer/Fall edition of Touring & Tasting and on our dynamic, new website and e-newsletter. Don’t be surprised to have the chance to taste wines from this region in our wine clubs in the coming months either.

That’s all for now but thought you’d enjoy a “taste” of what’s up in Oregon’s “other” wine country.

Dan Fox, Managing Partner, Touring & Tasting Magazine & Wine Clubs.

View from Delfino Vineyards and B&B

Terri and Jim Delfino

Beautiful Umpqua River


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